The Views is a residential development placed within about 1.5 acres (5,800 square metres) of land in the Muyenga suburb of Kampala, the capital city of Uganda.

The Graeystone development will have two housing unit options available:

Town Houses:

- Seven Units of Town Houses

- Each with Four Bedrooms

- Self contained Servant's Quarters


- Six Units of Apartments

- Each with 3 Bedrooms

- Self Contained Servants' Quarters

- Built upon 3 Levels with basement Parking

- One Unit of a Two Bedroom Penthouse on the Rooftop.



The units will be similar in design and size, but will offer some individuality as, due to the peculiar terrain of the land, some modifications may be made in structure and interior.

Additionally, there is a deliberate approach by the developers for finishing to be individualized. Early commitment from a buyer may allow the possibility to make input into finishing themes and colours.

Furthermore, the developers have undertaken geotechnical surveys of the plot as well as undertaking an environmental impact assessment: the project has been certified by NEMA.

Other quality and control tests for materials and equipment will be undertaken consistently throughout the duration of the project. The discerning buyer will have peace of mind.

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